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--- Quote from: vferia on September 24, 2018, 09:47:29 pm ---Using FEN notation, I would like to have the engine make analysis based on a starting position indicated by the FEN notation. Can anyone direct me on how to do this?
--- End quote ---
You need to make a FEN parser. If you want to do it on your own, then one of the ways is to make a grammar and create parser based on that grammar. I have found one BNF grammar here, which you can adapt and use. Here is our wiki page if you want to go that path. If you don't then your best bet is to adapt other people's parser. I have found only one for Lazarus here in Chess256 application. You can find many more FEN parsers for other programming languages on the net.

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I have written a FEN parser and have tested it h What really needed to know is to how to input the FEN notation into TChessBrd so that the engine can be utilized to analyze the game.

Oh ! Nice port. I have tried to use it by the past. The inculded engine is very crappy and difficult to replace but the board is nice. I remember there was a few to change (thread access violations when moving the pieces.
I used the pieces of virtual chess II to have a better look for the board and pieces.
Anyway, thank you for the port.

I have modified the app so I have a choice of engines. I run the new version 10 of stockfish and I am happy with it. I am still working on the following problems:
1. Based on FEN position, I would like the app to clear the board and place the pieces according to the FEN. How to do this in TChessbrd.
2. The next step is continuing play based on the FEN position.

Things I added to the app 1. Can communicate with electronic chessboard.
                                      2. Can email pgn file
                                      3. Can modify size of board
                                      4. Can modify color of squares
                                      5. Can select which engines to use
                                      6. Can select size of pieces.
                                      7. Can announce move made with voice.
                                      8. Can change voice gender.

Help is needed. I hope TimeWarp is listening.

Hi, I am interested in TChessBrd for lazarus, where can I find this source at?


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