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Porting TChessBrd from Delphi

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I am porting TChessBrd component from Delphi. It was written on year 2000. It uses a TImageList to draw drag images, which fails completely in Lazarus. I was not able to understand what is going on with TImageList and simply canceled the corresponding code.

I have replaced the drag functionality and resources by Lazarus style ones and canceled the animation. Maybe someone could have a better idea.

Code attached.

Sorry, no suggestions, but can I hope you're helping Felipe with his ChessFPC program?  :D

Well, I have improved the notation, maybe he can use on his program. Animation is better there.

Demo attached.

It's using deprecated .lrs resource file and hangs up on close. Has to be forced to stop by Lazarus. It's also not showing anything on form.


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