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Why does Lazarus shut down when I run my app?

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Ray Greene:
Why does Lazarus close when I run my app from the IDE?
It's a little bit annoying...

I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far though.
I started working on a cross-platform app with Delphi & Kylix, but I wasn't impressed with Kylix. Does anyone know of any online comparisons of Lazarus and Kylix?

Lazarus closes because the debugger isn't integrated well yet. If you choose to use no debugger, then lazarus runs the application and does not close.

I don't know of any comparisons.



Vincent Snijders:

--- Quote from: "Ray Greene" ---Why does Lazarus close when I run my app from the IDE?
It's a little bit annoying...

--- End quote ---

Also, be sure to use a recent version (after 21 januari or so). Lazarus version before that date could close lazarus, when you run your app from the IDE.

Thanks for the replies Micha and Vincent. I'm using the latest binary release.

I have another question now. I prefer to install applications on my D: drive but I ran into some problems when I copied everything over. I found a number of files containing the path which I could change, but I was wondering if the path was also hard coded anywhere. I know I could download the source code and look for myself but I'm hoping someone can tell me the answer... :roll:

Vincent Snijders:
I haven't tried this, so no warrenty.

I think you can xcopy whole directories.

Things needed to change:
1. PATH environment variable: c:\pp\bin\win32 => d:\pp\bin\win32
2. paths in fpc.cfg in d:\pp\bin\win32. Make changes to all settings having c:\pp according to your new directory location
3. In lazarus it self, go to environment options and change
A. lazarus directory
  B. compiler path
  C. FPC source directory

BTW for the path, you can't use the browse buttons in the latest release. This will be fixed in the next release coming soon.

Please report back any remaining issues.


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