Author Topic: SQLDbBLAZ Error on Lazarus 0.9.11 Beta  (Read 3908 times)


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SQLDbBLAZ Error on Lazarus 0.9.11 Beta
« on: October 17, 2005, 10:39:10 pm »
Hi people!!

I was downloaded the Lazarus version 0.9.11 beta and when I install the package Sqldblaz 1.0 I receive this error messages:

Lazarus version 0.9.11 beta
date 13/10/2005

"Compile IDE (without linking)" completed
"Compiling package Sqldblaz 1.0" completed
C:\lazarus\pp\units\i386-win32\mysql\mysql4dyn.o(.stab+0x638): In function `MYSQL_RELOAD': undefined reference to `mysql_port'
C:\lazarus\pp\units\i386-win32\mysql\mysql4dyn.o(.stab+0x644) undefined reference to `mysql_unix_port'
C:\lazarus\pp\units\i386-win32\mysql\mysql4_comdyn.o(.stab+0x434): In function `NULL_LENGTH':
mysql4_comdyn.pp:152: undefined reference to `max_allowed_packet'
C:\lazarus\pp\units\i386-win32\mysql\mysql4_comdyn.o(.stab+0x440):mysql4_comdyn.pp:152: undefined reference to `net_buffer_length'
C:\lazarus\ide\lazarus.pp(103,1) Error: Error while linking
make.exe[2]: *** [lazarus.exe] Error 1


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