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Where is EducationLaz on Lazarus 0.9.30?

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after doing a quick search I found it in the components/education in linux so I don't know why you can't find it. I'm using .931 I think. it also shows up in the install packages.

I can also find the Component / Education folder and it has 28 files in - but none of them are .lpk files, so in Lazarus the menu option Package / open package file(.lpk)  won't work.

It is definitely not in either of the lists in Package / install packages ...

well I can't say what is in .930 but in the trunk version .931 it is there. there are instruction's for getting the trunk version in the wiki but it usually takes a bit of tinkering to get things to work. the plus side of it is you can install it in your home so you won't have to fight with permissions and updating only requires svn update. not easy but doable. 


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