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Where is EducationLaz on Lazarus 0.9.30?

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I am probably missing something obvious but I can't find EducationLaz. According to the wiki I should

--- Quote ---Go to Packages / Configure installed packages. A dialog opens.
Select educationlaz
--- End quote ---
I can't see 'Configure Installed packages' . I can see 'Install/Uninstall packages...' but when I look for educationlaz in the right list (or left list)  I can't find it.

Any ideas?

See whether it exists under components folder. If yes, open it manually from the package menu.

Thank you

From the Lazarus wiki

--- Quote ---To install a package one goes to "Components -> Open Package File (.lpk)". In the following dialog you navigate to /usr/share/lazarus/components/sqldb or the corresponding directory under OS X or Windows and choose the sqldblaz.lpk file. If everything works out as planned you will see the Package Manager.
--- End quote ---

This isn't quite right. There is no folder usr/share/lazarus

I found the folder in usr/lib/lazarus/0.9.30/Components/Education.
I changed the folder permissions to 777. I changed the owner to me.
I navigated in Lazarus with "Package -> Open Package File (.lpk)" but just saw a pink screen.

Looking in the folder with File Browser, there are no .lpk files.

Am I looking in the wrong place?

Given that this package is supposed to be for Education and that the people likely to use it are probably teachers (and certainly not professional programmers) it would seem sensible to make it easy as possible to use.

Finding a package, loading it, compiling it and rebuilding Lazarus etc is not my idea of easy! This would have to be done on perhaps 20 computers ....

Found it!

I looked on the Windows version of Lazarus and it was there in Package/install package just as it says in the wiki.

I still can't find it in the Linux version of Lazarus though.


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