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Autocad and Lazarus/FPC?

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Actually, Acad also runs on Mac.  The reason I would like to see it is that Acad only has 2 languages that it supports.  VB and Lisp.  Both are poor choices in my opinion.  I think you have to buy VB but I may be wrong.  There are ways to make Python work with Acad and maybe others, but I have not tried them and AutoDesk does not support them.  Anyway, it was an idea.  If it increased the popularity of LAzarus/FPC and maybe got some corporate sponsorship, would that be a bad thing?

You are right, that might be a good idea, but sounds quite hard to implement...

I think it is easier than you might think.  From Acad 2000 to Acad 2007 I was able to run Acad with Delphi 6.  I could draw any object and some of the objects were complex objects.  I could switch tabs, set up MViews, almost anything I needed to do.  If Acad provided the hook to the command processor, that would be all you needed.

The solution is simple;
Make an AutoCad clone in Lazarus-FPC :D
That's my philosophy, if nothing suites you, make it your self!

You mean like this


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