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Hello community!

I'm just curious how is Pascal (in terms of Job popularity) in your country? In the Philippines, it is somehow NOT that in-demand. In the market share of the PL being preferred by hiring employers (in the Philippines), less than 5% of them are looking for Pascal developers which is really sad. At my work place, I shifted to Lazarus/FPC from MS which was what they usually use.

I Spain, there aren't any job for Pascal Programmers. The jobs offerer are for .net (asp, c#, etc). java, web, etc. Some works, a few, are for Delphi programmers. But nothing for Lazarus.


P.D. May be, this is the reason that I don't work as PC's programmer  :-[

i'm Indonesia
the situation is same as BlueIcairo

i work as php programmer in my office and coding freepascal at home :D

Here in Croatia there is some demand for Pascal programmers, because Delphi used to be extremely popular so there is still much Delphi codebase. Unfortunately, the market is dying because M$ stuff has become dominant...

I am indonesian, I work as a programmer delphi and/or Lazarus/FreePascal.
yes we use both  8)


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