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Please help me!!


I have two Problems:
- How can I use SQLite with Lazarus?
- How can I uninstall FreePascal?


--- Quote from: "Anonymous" ---- How can I use SQLite with Lazarus?

--- End quote ---

SQLite: download
change the filenames to lower case and include them in your 'uses' list. They work well!

There is a list of other wrappers for SQLite at


OK, since I posted this I have installed the 040306 rpm of fpc withe the following day's Lazarus tarball and discovered that FPC now contains sqlite units which clash with the ones I've been using: so far I have not been able to get my programs working either by renaming my original units or by converting variables and function calls to use the FPC units. :(

The FPC units seem unnecessarily complicated to me - why do they have to use PPPChar where I was successfully using PChar before ?


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