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Been on many forums, never saw such a brainless system.

If you must have an image with 6 letters for EVERY post, no problems. But don't ask TWO ADDITIONAL  stupid questions like "Lazarus backwards" and "1+2". That just wastes our time, irritates everyone and doesn't add any protection against bots (since answers are always the same).

This is not anti-bot system. It's the anti-human system.

I remember the spammers, sending to the admins a lot of post with 'buy this product' 'special discount' and 'visit here it benefit your life' spam.

Don't you think that other forums (with 100x more visitors than this one) are having the same problem? And how they solve it? By a SINGLE Captcha test. Usually only on login.

But this forum is special. It has a test for EVERY post you make. But that's not all. It actually has THREE separate checks for EVERY post. So, when I finish writing this message I will have to enter text in THREE verification boxes.

Then if I move to another topic and make a new post, I will again have to fill THREE separate verification boxes to make that post. And so on.

I guess the webmaster hates new users because it means more job for him. Webmaster, I have a suggestion for you: Remove the "Register" button and voila - you won't have any new users. Happy?

Take it easy. It's not there for me, since I've been here for some time. It's probably there to avoid spammers who post a couple of greetings and then posts spam from there. Just post to help others, and fill in the information the few times where you'll have to :)

A single captcha doesn't work. We had it once and it didn't really stop spammers


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