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Error is displayed and the IDE does not start


With the latest snapshots:


The following error is displayed and the IDE does not start:

List index (0) out of bounds.

Well, did you notice the disclaimer on the daily snapshots page? ""BEWARE: These snapshots are generated automatically and are untested. The only thing we can say is, that the compiler found the source good enough to compile." ;)

you need at least a stacktrace => or wait and see, maybe tomorrow it is already fixed.

I don't get any errors with trunk, which is a few revisions further.

Maybe something in your config: temporarily remove all files from your config, and see, if it helps.

With Snapshot: Lazarus-0.9.31-32343-fpc-2.5.1-20110915-win32.exe

 The problem persists. Attached is the screen with the error: img1.jpg

 The system informs the directory that lack of FPC Sources: img2.jpg

 Even stating the correct folder, when leaving and reentering the Lazarus the same screen is displayed.

Ok, so your configuration is not saved at all. There was a similar message recently, IIRc on the mailinglist

Check from menu "view" > "ide internals" > "about ide"

You should find a primary-config-path

Does it contain any none latin chars? accented? While they should work, suspicion was they may be the cause.

if so, edit the properties of the shortcut (link) to your lazarus,and add the following parameter to call lazarus:
lazarus.exe --primary-config-path=c:\foo

where "foo" is an existing directory, to which you have read/write permission, and that contains only latin (a-z) chars.

The message will appear once more, but then config files should be created, and the msg should go.

If that helps, question remains why they do not happen on default location


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