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Is it possible to develop for Android in win32



Read about your big work for android development in Lazarus.
According to the Lazarus wiki "Android Interface" it is possible to develop in Linux (Mandriva Linux 2010.0 and 2010.1).
My question: How could I use your progress in Lazarus win32

stab :)

I think it is faster and easier to install a dual boot with Linux or even Linux in a virtual machine. But, if you really want to develop on Windows, try to execute the following steps, in this order:

1> Install the Android-SDK
2> Install Ant
3> Make sure you can compile the java part of the test project lazarus-ccr/examples/androidlcl
4> Build a cross-compiler for arm-linux (2.5.1+)
5> Obtain Lazarus SVN, build and configure it
6> Build the Pascal part of the test project in lazarus-ccr/examples/androidlcl
7> Build again the java part of the test project
8> Test the resulting APK


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