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Lazreport and DBfield
« on: August 26, 2011, 04:01:31 pm »
I'm try to insert db fields to frReport but the query list is empty(no fields).the only thing is the TZconnection, TZQuery and TDatasource is on different form.
If the all the components are on the same form it work but if it is on different form than not.
How can i insert manual dbfield variable?

The db component is Zeoslib 6.6.6 connected to firebird 2.1.3
Lazarus 1.4.4, FPC 2.6.4, Windows 7 64bit, AMD Athlon 7750 black edition, Asus M3N78-CM
Lenovo L540 i7-4702MQ, Windows 10 x64,Lazarus 1.6.2,FPC 3.0


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