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'Minimize all on minimize main' disabled

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is this on linux ?


OK, then I seen no reason why it isn't implemented (except time)

Vincent Snijders:
Time (or lack of contributors) is the main problem for this feature.

It' seems that Application.Minimize works, i.e. minimizes child windows too.
The problem is that there is no event in the LCL to indicate whether the main window is minimizing etc.
Like: Application.OnMinimize, Application.OnRestore, or Form.OnWindowStateChange or sth.
And even worse: TForm.Windowstate does not reflect the correct state when the window was minimized/max. by the
WM directly.
Des anybody know better what the problems are? (on GTK/Linux that is)
To me this seems like a high-priority problem, even for the IDE itself.


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