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'Minimize all on minimize main' disabled

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I am running lazarus 0.9.9 on Fedora Core 4 and would like all windows of the lazarus IDE (main, object inspector, messages etc.) minimized when I minimize the main window.

There is a checkbox on the  Environment | Environment options | Windows  tabsheet that reads 'Minimize all on minimize main' - but this checkbox is permanently disabled on my system.

Does anybody know how to enable the above option, as having to click the minimize icon on every ide window is driving me nuts !

Thanking you in advance.

This is not yet possible on GTK/X.
Contrary to win32, this is a windowmanager issue and ont of the app itself. AFAIK, it is possible to give the WM hints for this, but it is not implemented yet.

But on my system it can hide and restore all windows if "hide IDE Windows on run" is checked.
So I don't think this is really a WM Problem.
Could anybody shed some light on this? It's really annoying.

Minimize <> hide

You're right, but it would be enough for me if it did the same as it does "on run" when minimzing the main window.
But anyway what's the problem with minimizing child windows? This works for me.
What's wrong with it?


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