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First steps of LCL-Android are ready

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I am happy to announce that the basic infra-structure for a LCL-Android widgetset is done, and this includes:

* An example LCL-Android application:
* An application which automatically generates bindings for the Android SDK
* Basic widgetset implementation for TForm and TButton

To create new LCL-Android applications one should first make sure that he can compile the example application and install and run it. Then copy it, modify all the ANT build files to the new project, change the Java files package name, add an icon, application name, etc, and it is should be ready. Of course, not much is implemented in the LCL-Android at this moment, so one will need to send patch for the LCL-Android to get things running =)

The LCL-Android uses native widgets at the moment, but complex widgets without a compatible Android equivalent will be implemented using an OpenGL surface and a control from the Custom Drawn Package.

Basically I just though it would be good to anounce that the LCL-Android achieved a milestone and that at this point it is rather easy for people to contribute to this project because the basic infrastructure is ready. Basically this means that contributors are welcome ;)

Good work, Felipe, and a very subtle invitation  :)

Thank for your great work felipe.

+1 +1 +1  :)

Great show Felipe.  ;D
If the Android connection for Lazarus grows up, it opens a huge market area for Lazarus and free Pascal as Android rules in the phone world now.


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