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has been changed tdbf control?


Hi, I'm developing a picture manager program using dbase databases trought tdbf component. I have not work with it for the last month, more or less, but in that moment it worked. Now I have just installed the last nigth snapshot and, when I try to compile the message 'Incompatible types: got "Variant" expected "ShortString" appears in all the lines like this: SubTipo:=dbfAux.FieldValues['SubTipo'];

I can't understand it. Has the type of tdbf.fieldvalues function been changed?

I'm waiting your answers. Thank you very much.

You can use Subversion to find this kind of information. It can give you a complete history of a particular file.

On linux you will have to read the documentation on to know how to get this information

On Windows, if you are using TortoiseSVN I think there is a button for this ....


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