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Main menu icons under Gtk3


Unity does not show any of my icons (Gtk2 application). I guess it's a Gtk3-bug but maybe someone knows a workaround.

BTW: Scrollbars are unusable at least smooth scrolling does not work. Otherwise, I hope this design will be removed from Gtk3 soon.
PS: Scrollbars are smoothly scrolled only with generic Gtk2 (Ubuntu 10.4). It does not work for KDE with gtk-libs. Tested with TStringGrid.

This is on Oneiric?
Asking because, Natty Unity is still gtk2.

GTK2 apps works fine on Fedora/gtk3, just that gtk2 apps use gtk2 themes, so they look somewhat different if gtk2 theme is incomplete port of the same gtk3 theme.

I use a standard mainmenu that is connected to a TImageList with 22x22px-icons. Icons are well shown with Gtk2 (Ubuntu 10.4), and correct on KDE 4 with Gtk2-libs (openSuSE with latest updates) but are replaced by simple squares on Ubuntu 11.4 with Unity or Gnome3. Maybe 16x16 works, I didn't try (Gtk3 runs only on my office PC as backup system).

Scrollbars are fine on Gtk2, on Gtk3 and KDE they do not have smooth scrolling by thumb, page up/down is okay.


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