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if SelectDirectoryDialog1.Execute then crash...

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--- Quote ---Hum, it part of the deb Qt no ?
Must i install something else ?

--- End quote ---
He means version of "" in /usr/lib.
Didn't you download it from here: ?

Fred vS:
Hello Mr Blaazen

--- Quote ---He means version of "" in /usr/lib.
--- End quote ---

Does it mean that the user have to install if he want to use miXimum compiled with Qt4 ?

--- Code: ---Didn't you download it from here: ?
--- End code ---

No, Is it better ?

I went to the site but, excuse me, the download page is impossible to understand, what must i download, how, ... (why must it be so confused ?  :-X)

If you go on the download part of the site you see :

--- Quote ---Downloads : Refresh your page (F5) if you have link problems
--- End quote ---
   %) (I have refresh the page, but nothing...)

--- Code: ---I have try with a SelectDirectoryDialog original, with no special option, i get the same error.

Does it exist a other component to select directory ?

--- End code ---

Ouf, i have use Shelltreeview in place of SelectDirectoryDialog and DirectoryEdit1 and it works like charms.
The only thing i have to change is :

--- Quote --- := DirectoryEdit1.Directory 
--- End quote ---


--- Quote --- := ShellTreeView1.GetSelectedNodePath()
--- End quote ---

Happy that have no problem in Qt otherwise it gonna be a big work to convert it.

Other thing i see : when loading big graphical procedure (like resize form) it works better if i load the procedure with Try... except...end otherwise i get sometimes a "Duplicate ID error"  :-X

By the way, what is that  "Duplicate ID error", is it a problem of allocation or what ? I never get that error with GTK2 (but GTK2 works good only for 1 hour !)

Now my opinion : Qt4 is much more fair than GTK2.
If something goes wrong, Qt crash directly the application.
It is much better for debugging.

I have try miXimum compiled with Qt4 with the worst conditions (full effects in sound + equalizer on, stretching the song, playing the graphics in live motion, resizing form while playing songs, mixing songs each 10 seconds and that for hours.)
Of course i get sometimes "Duplicate error id" in beginning of translation but now, with some application.processmessage and try... except..., it works perfectly and faster that GTK2 (and for day-night long).

Im happy  :P

Many thanks


You probably have version 2.1 from Ubuntu repositories. If you have problems with it, try another version from mentioned link. There are links below "Downloads" (search for 'V2.4 (Qt 4.5.X, compatible till Qt 4.7.X)' or other, it also depends on your Qt version). I had never problems with dialogs on Qt-lazarus, so I believe it is only wrong combination Qt and bindings.

Fred vS:
Hello Mr Blaazen, hello everybody.

--- Quote ---I had never problems with dialogs on Qt-lazarus
--- End quote ---

Maybe but i prefer to forget Dialogs and im happy with the new combination ShellTreeView-FileListBox  ::)

Now the verdict (i do no talk about the 1 hour problem of GTK2).
I have compiled the same source with GTK2 and Qt.

On the run :

The graphical rendering of Qt is much, much faster than the one of GTK2. (+- 80 % faster).
Really Qt change my view for developing graphics.
GTK2 is much slower vs Win32 (and forget to develop a animation prog with GTK2). Qt can challenge Win32.

And (the most important) Qt is safe and strong. Till now (+-48 hours) miXimum version Qt is working perfectly and fast (miXimum version GTK2 is sleeping for 46 hours already  :-X)

--- Code: ---You probably have version 2.1 from Ubuntu repositories
--- End code ---

Yes, maybe...

Is it possible to dynamically load, so i can choose a version that i trust, in the directory that i want (/miximum/lib) and incorporate it in the setup ?
Like i do for, the audio lib, (usualy you have to copy it to /usr/lib but i prefer to dynamically load it from /miximum/lib, and so i do not have problems with root protected-folders)

Thanks an bravo to Qt  ;)

Fred vS:
Hum, one more question.
If i compile with Qt, do the user need installed on his computer to run it ?


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