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if SelectDirectoryDialog1.Execute then crash...

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Yes. And of course, your users need Qt4 itself or GTK2 with some Qt appearance. The best is KDE4 based linux distribution but many Gnome based distros have in repositories support for Qt applications.

Fred vS:
OK (hope Ubuntu have it by default, it is the most used...)
Then maybe 2 Linux version, one GTK, one Qt


--- Quote from: Fred vS on July 28, 2011, 03:52:52 pm ---I went to the site but, excuse me, the download page is impossible to understand, what must i download, how, ... (why must it be so confused ?  :-X)

--- End quote ---

Thx for the excuses.

Den Jean
Author Download page  ;)

Fred vS:
@ Mijnheer Den Jean. Zeg, it was only my opinion... :-[
If you want complimenten see here:,13893.0.html   ::)

By the way i announce you that the new version of miXimum for Linux with Qt is ready to download (Windows and Mac version too).
You can download it here :


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