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if SelectDirectoryDialog1.Execute then crash...

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Fred vS:
Hello everybody.
I just have recompiled my app from GTK2 to Qt.

But if i ask :

--- Code: ---if DirectoryDialog1.Execute then...
--- End code ---

It crash the application, before DirectoryDialog1 is show  :(

Is there a cure ?  :-\

I assume then DirectoryDialog1 is TSelectDirectoryDialog. I just tried and works well (all properties are default).
Specify your dialog's properties, I will try it.

Fred vS:
Hello Mr Blaazen.

Of course it is TSelectDirectoryDialog.

I have the same problem with DirectoryEdit  :-\

--- Quote ---exception de class 'External: SIGSEGV'.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---BF5A52175 movdqa %xmn.....
--- End quote ---

It appends if i click on the button to change directory.

I have try with a SelectDirectoryDialog original, with no special option, i get the same error.

Does it exist a other component to select directory ?


In which operating system?

Which qt version do you have?

How have you installed the qt4pascal library? Which version of it do you use?

Can you post a gdb backtrack of the crash? (Search for instructions on the wiki about how to create one)

Fred vS:
Hello felipemdc
I use Ubuntu 10.10, installed lazarus-ide-qt4-0.9.30_0.9.30-0_i386.deb, lcl-qt4-0.9.30_0.9.30-0_i386.deb,
from Lazarus download.

--- Quote ---How have you installed the qt4pascal library?
--- End quote ---

Hum, it part of the deb Qt no ?
Must i install something else ?

PS If i create a new application, with only a SelectDirectoryDialog,
it load without problems.

PS2 Maybe i have to rewrite the code with ShellListView and ShellTreeView (it do not crash in the application) but it is lot of more work... :-X



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