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FortesReport for Lazarus 0.9.31


Does anyone know when a Lazarus 0.9.31 compatible version of FortesReport will be available?
At this moment I have to stick to Lazarus 0.9.30 as otherwise I loose the FortesReport component which doesn't compile/install on Lazarus 0.9.31.

Use Fortes from svn trunk. It compiles and works with Lazarus 0.9.31.

According to what Luiz said once, he tries to follow trunk version of Lazarus with trunk version of Fortes, separatly from released version of Fortes, which is for released Lazarus. So don't expect new releases of Fortes before the next release of Lazarus, at least don't expect it to include the compatibility changes.

But, that is what the trunk version of Fortes is for.

Hm...,13558.msg70898.html#msg70898 :D

Strange, I have a 0.9.31 svn 30042 installed & FortesReport is installed in it. Install Fortes from svn.

Oops, my mistake!
I did use a svn version but it was not the latest, I'll install 0.9.31 again and try the latest FortesReport svn version.
I must be getting old, my memory is getting worse  %)


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