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[SOLVED] Easy QT install ?


Fred vS:
Hello everybody.

I use Lazarus for Linux with GTK2.

How must i do to compile the application with QT ?

If i go in project option, i can choose for QT but when i try to compile, lots of error, QT is not installed, etc... :-\

Is it a easy way to compile with QT in a Lazarus GTK2 ?

What must i install ?

Many thanks

The best way is to have some Qt4 (KDE4) based linux distribution. Kubuntu is good choice. And you need Qt4 binding for freepascal. Download them here:
Unpack them to /usr/lib .
Install freepascal, lazarus and recompile it for Qt - as you tried. It should work.

Fred vS:
Oops, very simple ;)

--- Quote ---For Lazarus 0.9.30 and below

Now compile the LCL for Qt. First open your normal gtk2 compiled Lazarus. Then go on the menu "Tools" --> "Configure Build Lazarus". Set LCL to "clean+build" and everything else to "None". Now select "Qt" and click on the "Ok" button. Next go to the menu "Tools" --> "Build Lazarus". Now the LCL is compiled for Qt.

To compile a project for Qt just select it as the target widgetset on the Compiler Options dialog.
--- End quote ---


First feeling :

miXimum GTK2 : 5.1 megas
miXimum Qt : 4.2 megas.  :)

Splash form not shaped with Qt   :(

Now for the run, i gonna test it (see you later).


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