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running Lazarus under Wine


I was contemplating using Firebird for an application and wanted to ensure it would work with the embedded version available for Windows. I installed Lazarus on Wine v1.3.x on an AMD64 version of Debian/Wheezy. It starts OK but my application raises an External: SIGSEGV exception when I try to run it. This seems to be after the compile completes successfully.

The application (not using Firebird in it yet) runs under Linux and in a WinXP virtual machine so I'm guessing it's probably something about launching an application under Wine.

I'd prefer to use Wine for this as will produce a more portable application (e.g. should run on Linux using Wine) and it's a better development environment (no Windows XP window hogging screen space).

Any ideas on how to get the application to run within Lazarus?

Lazarus applications are all cross-distribution (the same executable generated with Lazarus works in any distribution) ... providing a wine app instead of a native Linux Lazarus app has no advantage as far as I know.

However, it might be a bit tricky if you want to use Lazarus as an embedded database in Linux; see here details. Note: I don't know how up to date this guide is and have not tried it...

felipemdc: The source code might be portable, but the executable is definitely OS specific - actually, in my case, the application doesn't run under Linux although it compiles OK. However, it does run under Wine and on a real Windows virtual machine. And this is with the TDbf component, not Firebird.

The problem is that the Lazarus Run command doesn't launch the executable. It gives the SIGSEGV error I mentioned. Instead I have to manually launch the executable using Wine.

The advantage of having an executable that runs under Wine is that I only need one executable for Linux and Windows. Therefore, and because my application doesn't seem to want to work directly in Linux, I'm using Wine to develop it.


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