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Help Tracking down an EXC_BAD_ACCESS


I'm converting my game Dreams of a Geisha for iOS, and I'm having some trouble in tracking down some EXC_BAD_ACCESS that I'm getting.

The error seems to happens when I free some variable twice...

But this error only happens on the iOS build and the XCode does not shows me where it happens.

Is it possible to set FPC/Lazarus to raise an error on the same situation to be easier to track down it?

Well... I have fixed most of the EXC_BAD_ACCESS errors! But I still got this one randomly!

Anybody have any ideia of how to Track down this one?

0x33f1ac94  <+0388>  bcs   0x33f1ac88 <memmove$VARIANT$CortexA9+376>
0x33f1ac98  <+0392>  b   0x33f1ac44 <memmove$VARIANT$CortexA9+308>
0x33f1ac9c  <+0396>  vld1.8   {d0-d3}, [r1]!
0x33f1aca0  <+0400>  pld   [r1, #96]
0x33f1aca4  <+0404>  vst1.8   {d0-d3}, [r0, :256]!
0x33f1aca8  <+0408>  subs   r2, r2, #32   ; 0x20


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