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I want to help completing the german translation. Some phrases are missing in the Linux IDE. Is help needed or is somebody else doing this at the moment?

Looking at lazarus/languages/ I see there are a few (very few) missing strings so I would say help is needed.

It would also be very good if someone checks the current translation for errors.

As far as I know you should simply edit the correspondent .po german files (using utf-8), create a patch and send it to the mailing list.

or to the email adress below

The project settings window, mixed tab, has "Huaptunit" instead of "Hauptunit" on the third checkbox.

Also, in "sekundäres Konfigurationsverzeichnis wo Lazarus nach Konfigurationsschalblonen sucht. Voreinstellung ist", "in dem" would be better than "wo"...

Yes, I've read about the mailing list or address there, but I don't have a patch at hand :P

Vincent Snijders:


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