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2D tiled map (isometric?) and 3D graphics


Giuseppe RidinĂ²:
Hi all,
thanks to recents developments and porting a developer using FPC has more and more wide range of choices of graphic rendering.

Now, take into considerations these scenarios:
1. I want to make a simple 2D isometric tiled game
2. I want to make a simple 3D game

What will then experts suggest in this two scenarios?
a. Jedi-SDL
b. GlScene 4 Lazarus
c. other (what?)

Thanks in advance.

I've already worked with all of this on Delphi using DirectX. I did not call DirectX directly, I used DelphiX project for working with it. Works very well and I created a 2D tiles game (I even found a tutorial for it on google) and saw some 3D tutorials.

But this was about a year ago, now I would suggest that you learn OpenGL, since there are components for using it on Lazarus and it is multi-platform. Yes, I would probably suggest GLScene, but I have never worked with OpenGL so I can't say for sure.

I am planning to learn OpenGL in the near future.


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