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Is there any fpc compiler options for ipad?



Is fpc compiler have any options for ipad device selection instead of iphone?
i found -P options is for CPU types. arm or iphonesim were found but ipadsim is not there.

i want to map display program for ipad. so i tested some graphics in my demo program,
first time it showed ipad mode, but later suddenly it changed iphone mode.
i want to back ipad mode, but i don't kow how to do it.

in XCode, Tartget Device Family option for iphone, ipad selection.
do you have any ideas?

Re: Get FPC on iPhone - once and for all
Thnx, it works for me too!

Are you sure that any special option is required? I don't know much about iPad, but in Android tablet apps are the same as smartphone apps. Nothing changes in the compilation nor in the APIs


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