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Is lazarus to be transalted into Chinese?


I want to transalte lazarus into Chinase,and I want to kown what I should do for it!
How can I  transalte it into Chinese and show Chinese?
Should i use some tools like passolo traslale the resource in the exe or dll
or to transale some language files?
and now I was ready for noip(Olympic)and MNET(exam for university) so I have no time :( .
I hope next year I could translate it,And kown I hope get some imformation about it!
The more the better.Thanks!

You just need to go to lazarus/languages/ and create a new .po file for the chinese translation. Maybe it could start as a copy of the english file and then be changed???

All .po files must be written in utf-8

You will need to get lazarus from subversion in order to have the latest. There are instructions on how to do that on the wiki.

Then you can send a patch and send it to the mailing list. See instructions on the wiki.


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