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Can someone help me create a music library in lazarus using MySQL?


Hello to all reading this. :)
All I want is a basic music library program that I can use as a type of guide line to create my own program, but as I know technology and myself I will struggle and will need some help. Hence me asking for help.

I will appreciate any input, including some advice...
Thanx for time allocated to my cause.  :D

Hello dmdmaasz6,
i planned to add a music player to my lazsamples project.
It's not finished but i just committed it.

At the moment KIWI Player can play a lot of formats:
not working: mid files


Thanx alot for your input I really appreciate it...

btw why use mySql for library database?
I would prefer, SQLite, or XML file (like PLS or M3U files).

Oky thanx for the input I will be sure to make use of your advice...

Thanx a lot for all your help... :)


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