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Compatibility issue: missing menu in old project with new lazarus version

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i hope i have chosen the right category for this topic.

A year ago i did a small project with lazarus. I cant remember the exact version but it was installed extra for this project so it will be a version from about may 2010.

With a new machine now i want to add some features and so have installed lazarus again, using the actual version 0.9.30 (2.4.2).

But when i open the project and recompile ist, the program is working except the appearence of the Main Menu (TMainMenu). I have checked its configuration but can not find out why it could be hidden or something.

When i start a new project and add a TMainMenu, all works fine as expected.

Regardless if this is a bug or some compatibility issue - i have no idea how to deal with it.

Greetings, Niri

Right click your main menu and save as template.
Delete your main menu.
Create a new one and Load from template

Thanks for the quick reply. But i fear that has led me to a couple of additional problems  :'(

First: Where exactly should i right click on the menu? Neither in the Object Inspector, nor in the form-component i can find such an entry. Only when i go to the menu editor, there is a "Save as Template" Function.

Second: When i use this function there it seems that only a single menu item can be selected, not the whole menu.

Third: When i try to reload the saved template there is neither the single menu entry i saw before while saving, nor the whole menu. Under my chosen template name, there is some sort of "standard menu" consiting of File, Edit, View ... none of those entries has ever been used in my original menu.

After that i though lets start the menu from scratch. The menu isnt so big so that would be ok. I deleted the menu, and inserted a new one, with some new menuitems. At least i had hoped the menu now would have been displayed, but still the menu is empty.

Thanks in advance for additional hints ...

Greetings, Niri

Function "Save as Template..." is in Menu Editor window.
Maybe your problem is in some Form settings. For example, setting BorderStyle to bsDialog disappears MainMenu (at least here on Linux+Qt).

Indeed i had bsDialog selected and while this seemed to be no problem a year ago the actual version does not show the mainmenu (windows in my case). I switched to bsSingle and my menu reappeared.

Many Thanks, Niri


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