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debugger simply fails.


I'm developing an advanced 2D platform [DirectX, yes] game in Lazarus.

I have switched several builds in the months. [now i've build 9.8 beta]

Since 3 months, the Debugger simply fails to work: debugger error. nothing else.

i'm tired of refuging to Application.Terminate or Exit for debugging. :shock:  :shock:

I looked at the debugger output. I got some errors:

--- Code: ---
^error,msg="Value can't be converted to integer."
^error,msg="Function \"FPC_RAISEEXCEPTION\" not defined."
^error,msg="Function \"main\" not defined."
^error,msg="Argument required (environment variable to set)."
^error,msg="Undefined command: \"\".  Try \"help\"."

--- End code ---


note: I'm not getting the 'Pulling the Plug' message dialog. :roll:


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