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auto fill property on the grid



i am new to dbase7 float and am using tdbf.
i noticed the auto fill property on the grid control cuts off the first digit in the column.
is there a way i can get a handle on the amount of decimal characters displayed if the auto fill property won't show me every digit in the column?

sometimes it wont show me the left digits but will display quite a few decimals to the right which is not the type of view i need.

many thanks,

by increasing the scaling factor it seems to show all the digits.

This seems to be a bug in relation with autofillcolumns property, if there is a vertical scrollbar visible it could hide partially the column content, to test if this is the case, set scrollbar property to ssNone and the full content of the column will be shown.  

Please use the bug tracking system to submit a bug report.


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