Author Topic: How can i develop Lazarus multi-tier applications(like delphi midas!!!??)?  (Read 16153 times)


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I´m a developper and i´m using Delphi BDS 2006(windows platform).
But i want to port my applications, to Lazarus.

So, the problem is that my actual applications, uses Delphi Midas.
How can i solve/compatibilize Midas, to Lazarus?

The solution, have to fit to both Windows and Linux platform!!

For now, Thanks a lot!!



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Hello, I don't know which it's the equivalent of Midas in Lazarus, but if you need a local DataBase, and not to much complex, you can use Sqlite. I used in my programs for windows, and I think can be use in Linux, I'm not sure. May be someone else in this forum can help.

Remenber, the lazarus wiki is your friend:
General questions (several lenguages)


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Probably you need to look out for a middleware framework that supports Lazarus.

IIRC kbmmw was working on Lazarus support (


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This might be useful

N-tier multiuser application development,10125.0.html
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Re: How can i develop Lazarus multi-tier applications(like delphi midas!!!??)?
« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2016, 12:06:25 am »
As you probably know, Delphi Datasnap is ony available in Enterprise editions.  After I bought Delphi XE2 Pro, I decided that I'd like to rewrite my Delphi 2006 Datasnap app in XE2, but no can do.
BUT, I FOUND A WAY TO CREATE A TRUE MULTI-TIER APP, using just Delphi code (no custom components) and Indy 10.  I have a working client-server system.  And, I'd be happy to share my code, or even send you or anyone a client EXE to prove this works.

What I am doing should port to Lazarus without much trouble.  The client just uses Pascal and Indy 10.  The only client component that I am using which is Delphi-specific is TClientDataset, which could be replaced with any good in-memory table.  I do use some TClientDataset events and you would have to code these or use a replacement that has these events built-in.  And, my system does not resolve edit concurrency issues.  Who ever changes a field last gets their edits posted.

THE SERVER doesn't use anything that Lazarus couldn't have.  Of course, you must have Indy 10 installed in your dev environment.  That's all.  I don't use any multi-tier components that are not available in standard or pro Delphi editions. Really!


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Re: How can i develop Lazarus multi-tier applications(like delphi midas!!!??)?
« Reply #5 on: November 23, 2016, 11:00:41 pm »
It's a 5 year old thread, so hopefully the original person already solved his problem. But while I'm here... You can also use tiOPF (available or SourceForge) which allows your single source application to be client/server or 3-tier without a single line of code being changed. Simply change a compiler defined, and rebuild your project.  For 3-tier support with tiOPF, it internally uses Indy 10, an embedded HTTP server, and all communications are compressed and encoded before transfer over the wire. tiOPF has been used in production code since 1999, is very stable and mature and has a huge set of unit tests (1700+ tests) running every 3 hours to make sure no new commits break anything.


SourceForge page:
fpGUI Toolkit - a cross-platform GUI toolkit using Free Pascal


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