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Win32 Lazarus 0.9.8 GDB Error


I've always this problem on all my projects on Win32.


This problem exists for me with 0.9.4 and 0.9.6 too. A also tried many snapshots. I've the same issues on my other mashine with Win64.

What have I to do to fix this problem. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much!

Btw: No problems so far with the Linux and Mac versions. I love Lazarus! 8)

Same problem here on Windows XP Professional x64 Editon.

View -> Debug windows -> Debug output

--- Code: ---...



&"Error: dll starting at 0x78d41000 not found.\n"

--- End code ---

I search my Lazarus directory for DLLs, the only ones I found were:

They are all in ...\Lazarus\pp\bin\i386-win32.
I'll download GDB from the MinGW project, I've seen GDB 6.3 there, Lazarus comes with GDB 6.0, why?
I'll download both versions and give it a try, searching DLLs ...

Oh, I found another GDB in my ...\Lazarus\pp\bin\i386-win32 directory, this is a newer version 6.2.1, but when I set my Environment -> Debugger Options to use this version in my test projects it compiles but nothing shows up. :?

Anyway I'll give it a try, I'll download the newest GDB 6.3 version from the MinGW project, perhaps this will work? Does anyone succeed with this?

I had the same the same problem, but it disapered with 0.9.8

Same problem here ... Windows W2K.

I use the FreePascal IDE to debug ...



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