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.PO files, from different versions of Lazarus


I almost completed the translation of, I'm going to upload it tonight or tomorrow.
Rather disappointingly, many strings of lazarus 0.9.30 are not in its file .po, so I didn't be able to translate them  >:(
Maybe the 0.9.30 .po files are too old? When were they generated?

Since I have all Lazarus sources, I should be able to generate a new .PO, with xgettext, and translate it... or it's better to leave this task to a developer? Is it very difficult?


Digging a bit more I read the README file in the languages directory and discovered that xgettext is not needed...  :-[

I suddenly discovered that I have a LOT more .po files to translate than I expected  :'(
oh well they are mostly 1-2K however...


It's done.

I translated each and every .it.PO file in Lazarus directory tree.  8-)

Now for the uploading... this will going to be a mess...  %)


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