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I've been playing around with MapViewer for some weeks now and want to share my observations, .. and problems. My main machine is a typical Win10-64 bit. The second (and final) target is a small tablet Win10-32 bit, 1GB RAM, Intel Atom Z3735G processor.
All tiles are stored in the disk-cache, online connection is not used.
At a first glance the component works as expected and smoothly.

But randomly an exceptions is raised when shutting down: "External: ACCESS VIOLATION" executing address $0.." . Seems to be caused somewhere around the "TMapViewerEngine.Destroy" execution. Any idea what might cause this?

Second the program does not terminate properly on the small machine (1 GB RAM). Exceution has to be killed in the IDE ("Halt"), or by the Windows Task Manager.

Third the program seems to eat RAM. "Process Explorer" (from the Sysinternal Suite) reports increasing RAM size, each time new tiles are loaded for display. Is this behavior normal? Or limited to a certain point?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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