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Maciej Kaczkowski:
I'm glad to announce a new component written for Lazarus. TMapViewer is a simple component that supports the most popular maps using native graphic control.

* support Google Maps (Normal, Satellite, Hybrid, Physical, Physical hybrid)
* support OpenStreet based maps (OpenStreetMap Mapnik, OpenStreetMap Osmrenderer, OpenCycleMap)
* support Virtual Earth maps (Normal, Aerial, Road, Hybrid)
* support Yahoo maps (Normal, Satellite, Hybrid)
* lots of debug information
* pluggable download engine (synapse, native win32)
* disk caching

Download at:

Just tried it out, nice work buddy :)

Cool !

I want see it too!   ;)
It tells me

--- Code: ---/home/v1/Lazarus_Qt/lazarus/packager/kcMapViewer.pas(1,1) Fatal: Can't find unit httpsend used by kcMapViewer

--- End code ---
What else do I should install ?


It is in Synapse.  :)

I finally compiled demo project. (on 64-bit Linux + Qt)

I was not able compile synapse as package so i only used its units.

I had to add line

--- Code: ---{$mode objfpc}{$H+}
--- End code ---
to kcMapViewer.pas otherwise it told me:
 Error: Identifier not found "class"

Demo works fine.

Edit: I have slow internet connection. Seems this requires faster internet.


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