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Where to find MYSQL DEVELOPMENT Library?


Hi, I am new to MYSQL and new to Lazarus. Have some Turbo pascal experience.
I installed Lazarus and MYSQL and both seem to work. From the Lazarus Database tutorial I understand I have to install the MYSQL Development library. The problem is I don't know where to find it.
The answer must be simple otherwise it would have been mentioned in the tutorial, but my knowledge of Lazarus and MYSQL is stil minimal.
Please help.

Thx, Bert

What OS are you using? If your using Linux, what distro?
You could always look at rpm search if this site supports your distro and search on "mysql-devel"

Thanks for your reply. I am using Windows. Found in one of these forums a hint and installed a file out of the packages directory. It looks ok but ran into another problem the missing .dll that many other people mentioned in this forum. Have not found a solution for that yet, but keep searching.


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