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Running Ubuntu 64 bit but trying to target 32?

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I have a system that runs Ubuntu 64 bit. So when I compile things, only works on 64bit machines.

I did some searching, but couldn't come up with a full answer on what all needs done to target 32bit (i386) ?

I can switch to that target, but when I do fpc -i , i have no i386 targets.. only 64bit ones.

When your cross target is a different architecture (instead of just OS), you need to build the cross compiler. Read the wiki for a how-to. For i386-linux target, you also need to build binutils' cross linker (only the assembler currently exists internally in the compiler).

ya, i found that a bit ago.. it seemed like things were almost there.. in the codetyphoon launcher, it showed 32bit FPC was available... but not 32bit lazarus... and i couldn't launch it anymore...

been messing around trying to reinstall again, and still being a pain :(

was using codetyphoon to do all this, but something didnt seem quite right.

just used apt-get to get fpc and lazarus.

its installed and runs.

in the help document

it has this section

    * Compile FPC:

bash $ make all CPU_TARGET=i386

it doesn't say what folder to go to. And folders I tried, didn't work.

It must be folder where you have fpc sources (i.e. where is makefile).


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