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[solved] How to get Lazarus to compile other o/s within same base o/s


Hi there is so much discussion on this, but seems no definitive answer.
For example, I am writing code for Linux 386/GTK2 but also want to be able to compile for win32/386 using the same Linux Mint Lazarus. After all,its claimed we can compile multi platform, but I have yet to see any clear faq on how to do this eg:,8514.0.html
Is confusing and could detrimentally effect a stable install if done incorrectly.
The obvious choice is to have separate installations on each o/s and work from there, but the claims seem to state that you can compile multi-platform easily.

If someone who has done this eg can stay on the same platform and set compile options for other platforms please advise in simple laymans terms how to do this would solve a lot of others questions. I have downloaded the source for win32 but there is no clear way I can install this without having severe doubts about damaging my own usable GTK2 compiler.

For example if you can compile both Win32 and GTK2 within Linux, and advise how you set the librarys and paths up, and how you then set the compile options within the IDE to achieve this state would be very helpful for others.

Thanks kindly for answer below,

Try to look at the wiki here:

It's all about using crossbinutils to cross-compile from one platform to other ones easily.

Note: your second option would be to install Lazarus through wine, but it would be the easy solution ^^


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