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help me,please


how to change "Helvetica" Type 1C encoding on lazarus 9.28 to "Tahoma" font encoding ?
Best wishes,
Supornchai khunpibarn

If you mean Lazarus itself - it follows your system settings. The same for your application and components.
If you want change font of some component then set its property ParentFont:=False; and set its Font property to what you want (both possible in Object Inspector or in code).

Thanks you very much...
but I have some problems about using Thai fonts. I have already installed Lazarus 9.28 on Oubuntu 9.12 PE and also used LaReport for doing some reports. While I was using Thai font to preview the report's example, it was shown everything in computer. But if I print this report (PDF files) out by using the printer, only English fonts in that message would be come out without any Thai fonts. So there is only English fonts in the hard copy without any Thai language. Thus, how should I do for solving this problem? By the way, I also endeavoured to use Thai fonts in OpenOffice 3.0 program or Text Editor, and it works. There is no problems on those programs.
Thank you very much for help.

Best wishes,
Supornchai Khunpibarn.


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