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Drag and drop on OS-X


I have a normal Lazarus application, and I would like to support dropping of files on the main form.
I found the event for this, but it doesnt fire when i drop files onto the main form (yes i did set the property AllowDropFiles).
What am I doing wrong?

1. Start a new Lazarus project, save project to disk
2. Set AllowFropFiles:=True in the inspector
3. Handle the OnDropFiles event. Just show a messagebox... showmessage('Files dropped!');

Nothing. No response at all when i drop files or folders on the form. Now from what I understand there are 3 scenarios:

* 1. A user double-clicks on a file associated with your app
* 2. A user drops a file onto the program icon in the doc
* 3. A user drops a file/files/folder onto the main-form of an application
Number 1 & 2 is not really required (but would be nice to support). I also found a previous post that deals explicitly with these two operation.

Does anyone know to to get the third scenario working?

1 and 2 work:

3 has been reported:




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