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Why are TButtons square?

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--- Quote from: Frederick on February 21, 2011, 08:17:02 pm ---I'm still figuring out Lazarus and pretty sure I will eventually port three applications from REALbasic. I'm slowing migrating one now on OS X, but will need to figure out Windows as well if I am to do all three. Your article is helpful, and I'm trying to build in conditional compiles as I go. Maybe I will need multiple forms as well.

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You could probably go the other way as well (Mac form --> Windows form) if you want. The DfmToLfm converter only does 3 things currently to forms (presumably from Windows) if the -m and -s switches are used:
  - Reduces button Height.
  - Sets TabStop = False for controls that can't receive keyboard focus.
  - Substitutes Mac fonts.

Going the other way should be possible too:
  - Set TabStop = True
  - Substitute Windows fonts (Lucida Grande is not a normal Windows font).

That way you could do all design changes on Mac and just auto-convert forms to Windows.

I don't see any alternative to having many IFDEF's in your code. There are too many things that have to be worked around to get a true Mac-like look and feel, so that the app doesn't look ridiculous to Mac users.



Thanks for the explanation of DfmToLfm.

I will try to avoid maintaining multiple forms if possible, as I can see myself getting confused. I will try to solve the interface tweaking by planning ahead, and using IFDEFS as needed. Your article has some helpful tips, such as CheckOKCancelBtns.


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