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Why are TButtons square?

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Does anyone know why a TButton is square and flat? I found a bug report from 2009 (0012256) about square buttons in panels, but others were normal. The resolution of that issue was "It is Mac OS X issue, which we can't work around."

I'm finding all TButtons to be square though. I'm using OS X 10.6.5 and Lazarus 0.9.31. All TButtons are square using the Carbon widget set. They show up as standard rounded Aqua-style buttons in Qt.

Thanks, appreciate any thoughts.

Just set the button Height properly:



That does the trick.

Thanks Phil!

I'm trying out the TButton options and have a few more questions.

I figured out that:
Setting Cancel = true allows pressing Esc to trigger the button action.
Setting TabOrder = 0 allows pressing Enter to trigger the action.

But don't understand:
Is there a way to highlight the default button? It is normally blue in OS X.
Is it possible to set the font size? I can't do it.
The default button font, I'm guessing Lucida Grande 12, is not centered correctly. It is several pixels too far up. Is there a way to center it or set the baseline?

Curiously, TBitBtn text is correctly centered vertically, TButton text is not.


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