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TListView: onCustomDraw item, canvas.brush.color not working

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The onCustomDrawItem does not seem to work properly under the Carbon widgetset.
I think this post refers to the same problem.

I noticed a few resolved and close bug reports for other widget sets, and some work around tips for those widgetsets as well, but I simply cannot get it to work under Carbon.

I'm trying to accomplish alternating row colors in a TListView (see also this article).

Does anyone know how to get this done?
Or should I post a bug?

Post a bug. Listview is not a fully implmented component

I just noticed that the onCustomDrawItem or onAdvancedCustomDraw simply never fire ...?

Do I need to set a property to have this fire?

You are setting a property when you double-click or click button in Object Inspector event.

If you just typed in the event handler, then select it for the appropriate event in Object Inspector.



I double clicked the event to create the event handler.
That procedure does not get fired ever ...!?

I have also been looking for such a property (like Style for a TListBox -> lbOwnerDrawFixed), but didn't find anything like that for a TListView  :o


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