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List of magazines with Lazarus/FPC content


I just thought that it might be useful for people to know a list of magazines which publish Lazarus/FPC, or general Pascal, content:

* Blaise Pascal Magazine - english and other languages - Publishes about Lazarus/FPC and also about Delphi. Link:

* Clube Delphi - portuguese - A Brazilian magazine. Focused on Delphi, but also publishes about Lazarus/FPC. Link:

* Toolbox Magazine - german - It publishes Lazarus/FPC and Delphi articles among a lot of other technologies. It used to publish a large percentage of Pascal articles, but has recently changed it's editor so I don't know how things will be now. Link:

Please write if I have missed any other magazine =)

Great, thank you for this valuable information!

I subscribe to the Toolbox magazine for some time, but recently I am more and more disappointed. After the editor changed, the journal seems to have converted to a glossy brochure of the established software industry with only a minority of articles devoted to Pascal Development (but still in every issue at least one article deals with Pascal, Lazarus or Delphi).

Some additional journals covering development in Pascal are:

* Pascal Gamer Magazine, a quite new electronic journal devoted to game development in Pascal (

* The Delphi magazine is out of print now, but an usb stick containing all isues is available at

Hey thanks for the mention! :)

I'd also like to add this one to the list:

* Delphi Gamer Magazine - English language publication about making games with Object Pascal (

Unfortunately it only published one issue, but it shows some pretty cool ideas regarding XNA and the old Chrome for .NET compiler from RemObjects Software.


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