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installing indy4lazarus components

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I've used the Indy components under Delphi but can't get the indy4lazarus package to install under lazarus, running under Windows XP Pro.

I've seen a couple of comments from others who didn't manage to install the package.

Has anyone successfully installed it under windows XP Pro, please?  If so, could they please help a lazarus tyro by quoting their compiler settings and anything else they consider relevant. :?: Thanks.

Up :), I've the same question., I can't install indy4 on Lazarus (with XP)...Does someone can explain me how to install new component.


--- Quote from: "Anonymous" ---...Does someone can explain me how to install new component.
--- End quote ---

Have a look at the wiki :D


i habe tried ti install some package and did it the way explained in the wiki. Comilinng an rebuilding lazarus went well, but there is no new tab in the IDE.
Indy doesn't compile, but sql, printer, imgage.
In the case of image I could run the example.


Indy is crap.
Take Synapse.
You don't have to install anything. It's simple and reliable.


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