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Cross-Platform Socket Component?

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i am willing to start a big project in FreePascal/Lazarus, im also looking forward to make it cross platform (Windows, Linux and Mac OSX) and i wanted to know which is the best Sockets component that will work on all?
i was working with Indy 9/10 for under Delphi, each client has its Owen thread, is this available on lNet ? or ill have to create a thread for each client manually? or there is another library better than those two?


lNet for RAD style, Synapse for more OOP and advanced style. I'm a bit unsure about Mac OS X support, only Windows and Linux are totally guaranteed to work AFAIK.

I'm using lNet and Synapse on windows and linux without problems. Works on 32 and 64 bit system. The only difference is that lNets are non-blocking sockets. Both sockets works on Windows Mobile too.

I also tested Indy before, and worked too.


I was able to get Indy working on Mac with a few patches. I use it with Web Service Toolkit. However, I was never able to get Synapse working on Mac, but it's been a couple years since I tried.

If you have success (or failure) on Mac with lnet or Synapse, please post your results.



ok, thanks all, i think ill go with lNet, just one more question, is does lNet create a separate thread for each client like Indy does?
or ill have to create that manually?



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