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Bug Report #1 28.01.2004

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first of all congrats to the developers for the great work so far
I can´t help much with code cause I am a newbie (hell, my last usage of pascal was tp 5.0)

so, trying to help with a little bug reporting

using win 2k:

current bugs I have seen so far:

- code editor doesn´t work
- property editor flickers when scrolling

Vincent Snijders:
Indeed, bug reporting is helping too.

Could you use the bug tracker (see module Bug Tracking on the left) to report the bugs, please? That way it gets noticed by the developers quicker.


Code editor should be fixed now in CVS.


yes it works
now I just need a fix on timage ;)
xpm from gimp can be imported however they are not visible on the tForm then

correction... editing doesn´t really work

it is possible to write but linefeed / enter doesn´t work


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